Patricia Wegerhoff

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Painting, Multi-Media, Sculptural & Ceramics

Patricia is a Canadian artist based in Calgary Alberta. With the Rocky Mountains in her backyard, she is driven to create through her passion for the natural world and the beauty within it. Although she has worked in many different careers such as nursing and education, she now pursues her passion for the arts as an Interior Decorator and Multimedia Artist.

Creating  is what makes her who she is. Patricia’s artistic work includes oil painting, multimedia, and ceramics.  When she forms her art pieces, she is reflecting her own feelings and experiences, making the intangible tangible.  Patricia loves nature and therefore gravitates towards organic lines, forms, and mediums.  Oil paints, wax, wool, metal, and clay are just a few of the materials she loves using. Her process is intuitive, especially with her abstract creations. She lets the paint pool and flow where it wants and then from there, she add more detailed lines and lots texture. The idea of imperfect beauty is evident in Patricia’s work. “I want my pieces to be raw, real, and unapologetic”. Patricia is constantly exploring new combinations of materials to express her ideas and feelings.

“My work is a meditative exploration of nature’s structures and rhythms. My goal as an artist is to highlight this overlooked beauty through my pieces and bring a bit of elegance to your spaces”.


Indian ink


Oil Paintings