“one who gathers things, organizes it, and makes it available to the public”

The Free Dictionary

About Us

Art, decor, beauty products, and health brands make up our unique store.

Curated Art & Living is a multifaceted company that brings together nature inspired art and products for well-being. The art and health products are thoughtfully selected and presented using intuitive passion, and our keen eye for design, balance, elegance and simplicity.

We select artists and artworks according to their feeling.  We don’t pay attention to artist’s fame or their artwork’s price. Our true aim is to connect people with pieces that speak to their spirit.

The health products Curated Art & Living carries are naturally derived. We work with companies that produce products that are simple and pure. The ingredients and their effectiveness are  paramount when we choose a product to be featured in our store. With both lines; Art and Living we are able to provide consultation services to better serve you and ensure that you are living your best life.

Curated Art & Living galleries and lifestyle are created by a multidisciplinary artist Patricia Wegerhoff  painter, designer, curator and health researcher.

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